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1st real name:Joseph Bruce
Psychopathic name:Violent J
nicknames:Violent Jay, J, Jay, 3D, Bullit, Violent J, Mr. Rotten Treats, The Maker Of Love, Big Baby Sweets, Dead Body Man, Jitty Pants, Diamond Donavon Douglas, Flea
2nd real name:Joseph Ustler
Psychoapthic name:Shaggy 2 Dope
nicknames:Shaggy 2 Dope, Full Clip, 2 Dope, Mr. Dope, Dopey, Shaggy Dope, Shaggy, Shaggs, Shag, Sweet Candy Nuts, Sugar Bear,Handsome Harley Gwestella, Gweedo, Gweedy, Stanky Twickle Puss, Stretchnuts, Galazto Inspector

The juggalo rap legacy actually began in the late 1980's when a small group of gangsta rappers known as the ICP (Inner City Posse) were making some noise locally in Detroit. It was the first serious venture into the local rap scene of group who would come to be known as the Insane Clown Posse. As a teen Violent J. released "Intelligence & Violence" along with D-Lyrical. Then he, along with brothers 2 Dope and John Kichass, released "Bassment Cuts". But the first release that gained them local attention was "Dog Beats." This album led to the beginning of a long lasting relationship with their now manager, Alex Abbiss. Unfortunately before the group progressed any farther, Kickchass decided it wasn't the lifestyle that he wanted. After gaining a certain level of attention as the Inner City Posse the guys decided that it wasn't the route that wanted to take. They wanted to be something more original. But they chose to keep the initials ICP. J remembered a dream he had recently, that was almost like a premonition, of a clown, a carnival spirit, with six jokers cards in his hands. That marked the beginning of the Insane Clown Posse. Violent J's premonition led them to their new goal in life. Relasing six "Jokers Cards", or albums, warning the world of impending doom. Each jokers card album insert read the cryptic message, "After All Six Have Risen The End Of Time Will Consume Us All." Soon the rapping clowns began their journey of the Dark Carnival by starting work on the first jokers card, "The Carnival Of Carnage." This is also began their longtime friendship with producer Mike E. Clark who would produce their music up until 2001.

"The Carnival Of Carnage" was the first release from the clowns independent label, Psychopathic Records, which was to be managed by close friend, and businessman, Alex Abbiss. ICP recruited the top acts of the local Detroit scene at the time to appear on their cd. Esham The Unholy was featured on a track titled "Taste" along with ICP, Violent J's brother Jumpsteady, longtime friend Nate the Mack, and Capitol E. Esham also produced several tracks on the album. Also featured on the album was popular local rapper, Kid Rock, on a song called "Is That You?" Carnival Of Carnage recieved a pretty good local response and got ICP a good local following started. ICP then released "Beverly Killz" which was not a jokers card, merely a taste to hold their fans over. But not long after the release, the carnival spirit instructed the clowns to spread the message of the Dark Carnival further with the release of the second jokers card, "The Ringmaster."

After getting a local following and doing a few shows in Detroit, the local fans were more than ready for the release of "The Ringmaster." When the album was released it introduced songs that are now considered juggalo classics such as, "Bugz On My Nutz", "Mr. Johnson's Head", "Southwest Song", and "The Loons." The second jokers card gained even more local attention. The clowns were now competition with the local acts who were once so far ahead of them. The clowns popularity had actually spread outside the local area across Michigan and many areas in Ohio. The success of "The Ringmaster" gained attention from a few record labels. Interested in signing ICP Jive Records made an offer. The small town rappers saw the contract and immedietly agreed to join the label. ICP released "The Terror Wheel" to tide fans over until the it was time for the third card. And soon after being signed came the release of the third "The Riddle Box". However things weren't going to remain as great as they were at the time for the clowns.

ICP released "Riddle Box" and made their very first music video "Chicken Huntin" which also is now considered a juggalo classic. And the album once again sold incredibly... in Detroit and the surrounding area. However, beyond that, the record wasn't distributed. Jive Records had paid ICP off, then only released the album in the same area ICP had released past albums on their own. Since there was no promotion at the time outside the Detroit area. ICP loaded up a van with homies, and samplers for the album, and headed to Dallas, Texas to promote themselves. Things went over very well, and albums sales in Dallas, Texas increased drastically! After the success in Dallas they moved on to another area and promoted. ICP also at this time released another album, called "The Tunnel Of Love", to hold over the loyal fans and a Christmas cd entitled "A Carnival Christmas". Soon had ICP worked their way out of the contract with Jive Records, and moved on to Hollywood Records, which was a huge mistake, but also great career move for them.

Hollywood Records, a subsidiary of Walt Disney, picked up ICP in time for the fourth jokers card. "The Great Milenko" was released on Hollywood. The album featured Slash from Guns N Roses on the track "Halls of Illusions." The intro for the cd featured rock legend Alice Cooper. Another track on the album featured Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols. It was expected to be the ICP's biggest release to date. But things didn't quite work out as planned. No sooner than the album was put on the shelves, Walt Disney got word of the obscenity laced album and pulled it off the shelves. The press was all over this obscene group that Disney had deemed disgusting. ICP was ordered to censor themselves, and change MANY lyrics on the album. However, seeing dollar signs Island Records bought the ICP's contracts and released "Great Milenko" on their own label. The label also released an ICP video, "Shockumentary" which was aired on MTV. The video also reached platinum status. The album went on to become platinum and is to date considered by many one of ICP's greatest albums. ICP was in the press very much during this era. Violent J. was involved in several incidents where he was arrested, mostly for assaulting people. Violent J. also made headlines when he had a panic attack at a concert and spent a short time in an institution. When it became obvious that it would not be possible to release the fifth jokers card anytime soon, ICP put together a double disc album of previously unreleased, rare, and scrapped songs. This release was called "Forgotten Freshness." Also, while ICP was on tour they became close to another local Detroit rap group entitled "House Of Krazees." When one member of the group decided to go his separate way ICP saw the chance the add on to Psychopathic Records. They recruited the two remaining members, now known as Jamie Madrox and the Monoxide Child, and gave them the name Twiztid. Also added to the label was J's brother Jumpsteady's wifes brother, a hispanic rapper, Myzery, and gangsta rap group, Project Born. However Twiztid, unlike the other projects were more successful and have since became Psychopathic mainstays and formed the side project Psychopathic Rydas along with ICP, and Myzery. (who has since left the label) But during this time, ICP finished work on the fifth card, "The Amazing Jeckel Brothers."

The fifth card was a huge hit. With songs featuring Ol' Dirty Bastard and Snoop Dogg it debuted at number four on Billboard charts. It amazed the music industry. ICP had came along way from the days of local shows in Detroit. The clowns went on a nationwide tour in support of the album with Twiztid, Krayzie Bone, Biohazard, and Coal Chamber. The duo also performed at Woodstock 1999. It seemed as if things were going better than ever for the clowns. "The Amazing Jeckel Brothers" soon went platinum as well. The album was followed by a movie called "Big Money Hustlas" which featured Twiztid as suburban gangstas, Violent J. as a crime lord, and Shaggy 2 Dope and as the tough cop chasing him. It also featured Rudy Ray Moore, WWF's Mick Foley, Jerky Boy Johnny Brennan, and Harland Williams (Half Baked). The movie as well, reached a platinum status. ICP then made history by having their own convention called the Gathering of the Juggalos. It was held in Novi, Michigan. The event featured performances by all of Psychopathic Records, Bone Thugs N Harmony, and many other artists.

After the success of a full length movie, and two platinum records ICP decided to branch even further out. Always being avid wrestling fans ICP started their own independent wrestling organization, Juggalo Championshit Wrestling. JCW went on an immensely successful tour, and released two highly successful VHS/DVD's. Then, in an effort to fulfill the contract with Island Records ICP released "Bizzar" and "Bizaar" on Halloween. The album were released separately with different songs on each. The albums even featured a song with old partner Esham the Unholy. After this release ICP went their separate ways from Island Records.

It was then time for the second annual Gathering, this year being in Toledo, Ohio at the Seagate Center. This years event featured ICP, Twiztid, new Psychopathic rapper Blaze Ya Dead Homie, Marz, Psychopathic Rydas, Vanilla Ice, Kottonmouth Kings, the debut performance of Psychopathic supergroup Dark Lotus, and many more. Dark Lotus released their debut album, "Tales From The Lotus Pod" at the convention as well. The group consisted of ICP, Twiztid, Blaze, and Marz. Unfortunately soon after the release business and personal problems destroyed the relationship between Marz and Psychopathic and he left the group only to be replaced by new Psychopathic rapper Anybody Killa. Dark Lotus together headlined the "Hatchet Rizing Tour" which made history being a tour featuring ONLY Psychopathic artists. Late that year, ICP decided it was finally time to begin work on the almighty sixth and final jokers card. ICP had chosen to take a leave from the juggalo world to work on the sixth. The major difference between that album and the rest of the cards? Mike E. Clark, longtime producer, had gone separate ways from ICP. The new producer, Mike P. of Zug Izland, would do the work on this album.

After months in hiding ICP returned with a new look at the third annual Gathering in Peoria, Illinois. The Gathering featured performances by all of Psychopathic along with Mack 10, Bubba Sparxxx, Esham The Unholy (who would soon join the label), and others. But more importantly ICP revealed the sixth jokers card to all the juggalos in attendance. They announced it would be called "The Wraith" and was death. "The Wraith" would have two exhibits. One would be released on November 5th of that year. That would be The Wraith's exhibit of "Shangri La". And that one year later, they would release The Wraith's exhibit of "Hell's Pit". But at the time, juggalos were to rejoice on the diamond rain of the era of Shangri La.

November 5th was the release of the sixth. "Shangri La" was dropped on the world, along with the hit single "Homies". The album surpassed many expectations and debuted high once again on Billboard charts. After revealing that the influence of the Dark Carnival was in fact God, ICP went on a worldwide tour with Anybody Killa and 2 Live Crew to promote the album. ICP went on to do shows not only in America, but also Austrailia and Europe. But mere months later it was time for the next Gathering of the Juggalos, this time at a campgrounds in Garrettsville, Ohio. At the Gathering Violent J. released his solo project "Wizard of the Hood" and his autobiography "Behind The Paint." The Gathering featured performances from all of Psychopathic Records again, along with Dope, Killah Preist, Bushwick Bill, Kottonmouth Kings, and Vanilla Ice. After the Gathering had ended, ICP headlined the Wicked Wonka Tour with Bone Thugs N Harmony, Kottonmouth Kings, and Tech N9NE. The tour ended on October 31st in Detroit when all acts, along with Esham, performed for the annual Hallowicked event. They also all released the track "Thug Pit" in honor of Hallowicked.

At the stroke of midnight on one frightful Winter night every official Psychopathic artists website showed nothing but a purple cross announcing the return of Dark Lotus, which gave us just a taste of the wicked rhymes the clowns had in store for us. The album was released in April and a nationwide tour followed. And this signified the beginning of the wicked era in ICP's history. The era of the Wraith's exhibit of Hell's Pit. At the 2004 Gathering of the Juggalos ICP announced that when they tour in support of the Hell's Pit album they will be doing the shows with the Hatchet's own Anybody Killa, metal sensation Mushroomhead, and old school West Coast rapper Mack 10. Also at the Gathering ICP spread the word preparing the family for what was in store for them when Hell's Pit was unleashed. They weren't even kidding. Hell's Pit was the darkest album that ICP has released in quite some time. The completely opposite vibe from The Wraith: Shangri-La brought out deep thoughts of depression, suicide, panic-stricken outbursts, and yes, even their views on child molestation. This would be the end of the era of the 6 Joker's Cards, and they truly went out with some classic ICP.

A new era is born, and just 9 months after the release of Hell's Pit, their first EP in nearly 10 years is released. The album is called "The Calm". Juggalos who were longing for the more Carnival-esque vibe to ICP albums definitely got what they were waiting for with this one. The most unique fact about this album is that the beats and production were done exclusively by Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope. Their next project as the Insane Clown Posse will be a full length LP set to drop in 2006 called "The Tempest". More details soon to come...


real name:Rashaam Attica Smith

nicknames:E, The Boogie Man, The Unholy, Hockey Daddy, Mr. Negativity

Perhaps the most underrated rapper in the music world today is Esham. Of course that point is argueable, but what is not argueable is Esham's incredibly skill on the mic., his enormous catalog, and the unique and original style of rap he pioneered that has come to be known as "Acid Rap." Esham influenced some of todays most popular artists including Eminem, as well as Twiztid, the Insane Clown Posse, and scores of other Detroit local acts.

As a youth Rashaam Smith spent his summers in New York, which was at the time a great place to be if you were a hip hop artist. The rest of his time was spent in Detroit, which wasn't a great place to be regardless of who or what you were. But due to his time in New York he became very interested in hip-hop and began writing his rhymes at the very young age of ten years old. Then, at the age of thirteen, in 1990, he released his debut album, "Boomin' Words From Hell" independently. Soon his brother James began to help him by handling the business part of the music industry for him. This led to the creation of the legendary independent label Reel Life Productions. Although James dealt with the business Esham remained very independent, even to the point of making his own beats, despite being only thirteen.

Soon after the debut release he put out two four-song EPs entitled "Homey Don't Play" featuring him with a painted face on the cover, and "Erotic Poetry." Then the young rapper did something trully remarkable in 1992. Although he isn't credited for it, he released the first double disc hip hop album which was called "Judgement Day." Not long after that release did Esham begin his collaboration with local Detroit rappers Mastamind and TNT. The group effort was called NATAS. NATAS stood for "Nation Ahead Of Time And Space", not Satan spelled backwards, although Esham's rhymes many times dealt with satanism and he was dubbed the Unholy. The debut collaboration was called "Life After Death" and was an incredible album.

In late 1992 Esham released an EP called "Hellterskkkellter" and it set the stage for "KKKill the Fetus" which was released a short time later. "KKKill the Fetus" had a very intense and graphic cover of, obviously, a fetus. Esham stayed busy though, soon releasing another NATAS album called "Blaz4me."

He followed up "Blaz4me" with an EP, "Maggot Brain Theory", and the album many consider his best work to date, "Closed Casket". Esham's work had evolved, and he claimed after "Closed Casket" his style would change dramatically. And in his next release "Dead Flowerz" his subject matter did change. Fans of the rapper were torn by the fact that the subject matter was changing. Many felt that Esham was becoming too conventional, while others saw it as an improvement in his music. "Bruce Wayne 1987" and NATAS' "Multikillionare" also showed that the subject matter had changed drastically. It wasn't until 1999 until fans saw a very large difference in his music.

Esham released "Mail Dominance" and it was very different than anything he had done so far. He also had Santos co-producing the album. Even though he seemed much more conventional than ever before, Esham still provided a dark side to his music. Soon NATAS released a very great piece of work called "WWW.Com" in 2000. After this album dropped Esham signed a distribution deal with TVT for his Overcore label, which is what Reel Life had became known as. Shortly after Esham released two compilation albums, "Bootleg: From the Lost Vault, Vol. 1" and "Detroit Dogshit" featuring his best tracks as well as a few new songs on the Bootleg album.

Then, in 2000 it looked as if Esham would have his chance to breakthrough. Considering Eminem and D-12 had made successful journeys into the mainstream with a style very similar to Esham's his chances looked well. Esham, however, took offense to a comment by Eminem about the not doing the style of rap Esham had dubbed "acid rap." This started a bitter rivalry between the two that featured several shots taken at Eminem as well as his daughter on Esham's "Tongues" album and a physical altercation between members of D 12, Esham, TNT, and security at the Warped Tour because Esham performed a song entitled "Gloczup" that featured an Eminem diss.

Somewhere along the way things fell apart for Esham's label, which could be attributed to many things. Soon after ICP's label Psychopathic Records reportedly contacted him about joining the label. Esham, who had an on and off relationship with Violent J. of ICP, agreed. He and J cleared up any problems they had in the past and Esham was invited to perform at the 2002 Gathering of the Juggalos in Peoria, Illinois. Not long after it was announced that Esham was to join the label and would now be known as Esham the Boogieman, rather than the Unholy.

In December of that year Esham the Boogieman released another compilation album featuring a few new tracks with the Insane Clown Posse, and one featuring Syn of Zug Izland. The album was called "Acid Rain" and was narrarated by Violent J. who explained that Esham should not be judged by his raps and that he was only being an entertainer. On the track "Redemption" featuring Syn of Zug Izland Esham seemingly says that he has changed his ways and is ready to redeem himself.

On Psychopathic Esham has began being referred to as "The Godfather of the Wicked Shit" since he basically pioneered the style. He has appeared on ICP's sixth jokers card, Anybody Killa's first full length album, and has plans to form a side project along with Violent J. and Shaggy 2 Dope called The Soopa Villains. On November 18, 2003 Esham released his first full length album on Psychopathic Records. The title of the album is "Repentance" and it featured the hip hop single "Woo Woo Woo" and a song featuring famous rap group Bone Thugs N Harmony called "Pay." Many feel the latest Esham album featured many tracks that featured as explicit content as ever, while other tracks featured the more evolved style of rap Esham has worked to perfect.

Esham was also featured on the album "Psychopathics From Outer Space Part Two." Esham lended his vocals to the songs "Conquer," "Demon Face," "24's On A '84," "Bitch Shut Up,"Free Studio," and the song "Wicked Wild" with ICP and 2 Live Crew. Also on the album were two new Esham tracks called "Killin' Spree" and a remix of Esham classic "I Met This Lil' Girlie" called "Oldie But Goodie." Esham performed most recently at the Gathering of the Juggalos 2004 and is doing shows with UMZ artist MC Breed opening for acts like Ol' Dirty Bastard and Bone Thugs N Harmony. Recently Esham has promised to bring the wicked shit back for the juggalos on his upcoming album that has been speculated as being titled "A-1 Yola."


1st real name:James Spanolio
Psycopathic name:Jamie Madrox
nicknames: Mr. Bones, Lil' Shank, Big Stank, Big Grim Tim, Super Jamie, Multiple Man, Batman, Madrox
2nd real name:Paul Methric
Pychopathic names:Monoxide Child
nicknames:Lil' Poot, Foe Foe, Hectic, Monoxboogie, Mono
Today Twiztid fills packed ass clubs in Detroit and across the country. They have rap superstars such as E 40, Layzie Bone of Bone Thugs N Harmony, Bushwick Bill of the Geto Boys, and Tech N9ne on their albums. They tour nationwide with groups like Bone. But where did they begin? Like many others, in the underground, on the streets of Detroit. Posting up flyers and handing out samplers, just trying to make it in the music industry. Back then, there was no Monoxide Child, nor Jamie Madrox. There wasn't even a Twiztid. There was only, the House Of Krazees.

The House Of Krazees consisted of Mr. Bones (now Jamie Madrox of Twiztid), Hektik (now Monoxide Child of Twiztid), and The ROC (now known as Sol, formerly of Halfbreed). The HOK released several albums remaining underground throughout it all. In fact they were actually bitter rivals with the group that was at the time on top of the Detroit music scene, the Insane Clown Posse. However, an opportunity for exposure would bring the horrorcore rap artists together and begin a relationship that remains today.

When offered the opportunity to tour with the clowns, they could not refuse. A relatively unknown group, who had talent, and was making some noise locally were offered a chance to go on a nationwide tour. Somewhere along the way, during the tour, there were some problems within the group and The ROC decided, for some unknown reason, that he no longer needed to be in the group. ICP then offered the two remaining members a place on their label, Psychopathic Records. The two having nowhere else to go chose to accept the offer and that marked the birth of Twiztid, as well as "The Multiple Man" Jamie Madrox, and "The Chain Smoker" Monoxide Child.

Twiztid hit the studio along with the clowns soon. Twiztid was featured on the track "Echoside" on the fifth jokers card, "The Amazing Jeckel Brothers" and it was announced that they would join ICP to make a side project called Dark Lotus. Twiztid had soon recorded the first full length album they'd release on Psychopathic Records, entitled "Mostasteless." The cd featured songs like "2nd Hand Smoke," "Diemotherfuckerdie", "Whatthefuck?" and many others. However, the graphic cover of two dead fetus' joined as siamese twins caused the album to be scrapped soon after the release. "Mostastless" was soon re-released with a slightly different track listing. Songs like "Murder Murder Murder" and "She Ain't Afraid" were taken off due to Island Records not approving to some very strong content. But added to the cd was a remix of ICP classic "First Day Out," "Hound Dogs," featuring new Psychopathic rapper Blaze Ya Dead Homie, and Twiztid classic "Rock The Dead."

After the re-release of "Mostastless" Twiztid decided to release a compilation album called "Cryptic Collection: Volume 1" with two collectors edition covers. This was released only on Psychopathic Records so they released all of the songs that were scrapped from the original "Mostasteless" and a few songs from the end of the House Of Krazees and a group that had begun work on called Infamous Superstars Incorpated with Blaze Ya Dead Homie, then known as Big C. The album also featured a track called "Put It Down" off of Blaze's upcoming self titled debut cd. Twiztid went on their first nationwide tour and drew decent sized crowds. The tour was called the "Rock The Dead Tour" and after the success they saw on it ICP knew they had added Psychopathic's next hit rap group. Twiztid hit the studio once again and recorded an incredible full length album titled "Freekshow" that featured appearances by ICP, Blaze Ya Dead Homie, new Psychopathic rapper Anybody Killa, and Three Six Mafia. The album was released along with ICP's Bizzar and Bizaar album on October 31st and was a hit. Juggalos loved Twiztid. Twiztid recorded a video for "We Don't Die" and released their own mockumentary entitled "Born Twiztid." The movie featured two versions of the "We Don't Die" video, and several songs from live Twiztid shows.

Twiztid toured once again, with Blaze Ya Dead Homie, on the Freekshow Tour and drew in even larger crowds. They were definately just as successful as ICP could have ever imagined them being. While on tour Twiztid released a second volume of "Cryptic Collection" featuring songs that had been scrapped from previous releases, as well as some old school work, Dark Lotus tracks, and their Hallowicked track "Juggalo Party" featuring Blaze and Anybody Killa.

Twiztid once again stepped into the studio soon to record a short cd to hold the twiztid serial killin juggalos over until they could concentrate on their next goal, and full length album "The Green Book." The short album was titled "Mirror Mirror" and featured tracks from the scrapped Twiztid rock project "Black Majik." The album insert, and the album itself, hyped someting called "The Green Book" saying that it would explain all. Soon Twiztid announced that "The Green Book" was their upcoming full length album told through the eyes of Jamie and Paul.

After the Mirror Mirror Tour Twiztid created an original internet juggalo show. "The Purple Show" debuted on Twiztid.Com. It was the first juggalo access show on the internet and was successful. There was a new "Purple Show" released for download every month and each was 30 minutes long. After the third episode was released they were put on a dvd and sold along with a dvd exclusive episode. After the fifth episode it was time to release "The Green Book" and it was no longer time permitting to continue "The Purple Show." Twiztid was also finishing up a big tour with Bone Thugs N Harmony. However Twiztid had other big news. They were making plans on beginning their own independent label for underground rappers. The label was to be called Majik Records. But in the meantime the concentration was focused on "The Green Book."

Just before Twiztid was to hit the road for the Green Book Tour Monoxide Child began having panic attack's and other problems. The tour was postponed until after the album was released. To compensate for the delay Twiztid released a few songs on their site with a downloadable cover and called it the "4 The Fam EP." Also released on the site was a sampler for "The Green Book." Then in early July Twiztid released "The Green Book." Juggalos loved the album which featured Layzie Bone of Bone Thugs, E 40, Tech N9ne, ICP, Anybody Killa, Bushwick Bill, and Colton Grundy aka Blaze Ya Dead Homie. Twiztid is currently touring with Society 1, Wolfpac, Anybody Killa, and old partner they had now reunited with, The ROC. Twiztid also plans on releasing their sideproject The Samhein Witch Killaz featuring two other member who have yet to be named. Also Twiztid had their own Halloween show called Fright Fest in Colorado featuring performances by The ROC, Blaze Ya Dead Homie, Wolfpac, Society 1, Anybody Killa, House of Krazees, and Twiztid themselves. Also at the event an EP for juggalos who attended was given away, and they featured all the acts who performed at the show. Shortly after The Gathering of the Juggalos Twiztid chose that they would benefit more by focusing on their own careers on Psychopathic Records than to make Majik Records.

Shortly after finishing up The Green Book Tour Twiztid hit the studio and along with the rest of the D-Unit recorded the latest Dark Lotus album "Black Rain" and toured the country along with ICP, Blaze, and ABK performing Lotus hits for juggalos across America. And then Twiztid put together a third edition of the Cryptic Collection series which featured remixes of Twiztid hits "2nd Hand Smoke," "White Trash Wit Tat2's," "Wrong With Me," and more, as well as new hit songs like "Know Good," "Keep It Movin'," the previously unreleased Dark Lotus track "Shock & Awe," and even a cover of the Steve Miller classic "The Joker." Also this album was the first the juggalos were informed of a double disc release to come from Twiztid entitled "Man, Myth, & Mutant." And recently announced on the Twiztid website Monoxide is planning on having a solo release out before the end of 2004. The hatchet's serial killin' duo have alot ahead of them as we continue into 2004.

AnyBody Killa

real name:James Lowry
Psycopathic name:Anyody Killa
nicknames:Jaymo, Native Funk, Lil' Godzilla, Sawed Off,The Native

Psychopathic Records has wicked clowns, dead gangsters, and serial killas as rappers, so why not a Native American? Anybody Killa began his journey through the music industry like the rest of Psychopathic Records in Detroit on the local scene. Anybody Killa was at the time known by his nickname, Jaymo. His rap partner was Lavel, also known as Mr. Realist. Together they formed the Krazy Klan. The Krazy Klan was moderately successful locally in their two albums. The first Krazy Klan album was "Frustrationz" and it was released in 1995. It got them some attention throughout Detroit and got a fanbase started. Also noteworthy is the fact that Mr. Bonez of the House of Krazees, also known as Jamie Madrox, drew the cover art for this album. The Krazy Klan followed up with their second collaboration "developMENTAL" which featured a track with none other than the House Of Krazees, who would go on to become Twiztid. Again, they met with moderate local success, but for some reason the group decided to go there separate ways. And Jaymo released his first solo album using the alias "The Native Funk" saying it was his spiritual side. The album was called "Rain From The Sun" and got serious attention throughout Detroit. Shortly after this album was released Jaymo was contacted by Psychopathic Records and asked to go on tour with Detroit rappers Twiztid as Blaze Ya Dead Homie's hype man. Seeing it as a great opportunity Jaymo hit the road and became known as Anybody Killa.

The tour went well, and many people were impressed by Blaze as well as his hype man Anybody Killa. Anybody Killa appeared on a Psychopathic release for the first time when he was featured on the track "Where Itz Going Down" from Twiztid's "Freekshow" album along with Three Six Mafia. Talks of ABK signing to Psychopathic as a full time artist began, but were only speculation. However, Anybody Killa did agree to become a full-time hype man for Blaze. And the two hit the studio to record Blaze's first full length LP, "One Less G In Da Hood." Anybody Killa was featured on the tracks "The Grave Ain't No Place," "Nasty," "Str8 Outta Detroit," "Maggot Face," "Hood Ratz," "U Can't Hurt Me Now," "Thug 4 Life," and "Hatchet Execution." Juggalos were almost as impressed with Anybody Killa's rhymes on the album as they were Blaze's! After his popularity on this album Psychopathic began considering signing him as an artist himself.

When "One Less G In Da Hood" was released Blaze and Anybody Killa were opening the Hatchet Rizing Tour. Noticing the crowds interest in the native rapper Psychopathic seriously began to considering signing Anybody Killa. He and Blaze were together on Hallowicked track "Children of the Wasteland" and even ICP collaborated with him on the Christmas track "Skanta Claws." By now it was pretty much decided Anybody Killa would be a permanent on Psychopathic Records. Also, following Marz and Psychopathic's fallout, it was decided that Anybody Killa would replace him as the sixth petal of the Lotus and join the Psychopathic supergroup Dark Lotus. Eventually he rapped over Marz' verses and they re-released a new version of "Tales From The Lotus Pod." But long before that Anybody Killa began work on his new album before hitting the road for Twiztid's Mirror Mirror Tour.

The tour gave him an opportunity to perform not only his songs with Blaze, but to debut the new tracks "Gang Related" and "Hollowpoint" from his solo album, which was yet to be titled. He and Blaze released an internet only single with a downloadable cover of a song called "Foo Dang!" After the Mirror Mirror Tour ABK went back to the studio. The two new Anybody Killa tracks were released on Psychopathic's ten year anniversary album featuring Esham, Myzery, Project Born, ICP, Twiztid, Blaze, Zug Izland, Jumpsteady, and the native himself. Juggalos loved the two songs. Anybody Killa was then featured on the legendary sixth jokers card on the songs "BLAAAM," "Birthday Bitches," and "It Rains Diamonds." When ICP hit the road to promote the "The Wraith: Shangri La" they took Anybody Killa along with them to open up for 2 Live Crew and themselves.

While on the Shangri La Tour Anybody Killa performed many of the tracks off his album, and eventually released the album "Hatchet Warrior" while he was on the road. The album was a hit with the juggalos. People loved songs like "Ghetto Neighbor," "Hated Me," "In The City," and many others. Anybody Killa's live show was also great. It can be seen on the dvd release of "Bootlegged in LA." Shortly after finishing opening "The Wraith: Shangri La Tour" for ICP Anybody Killa performed at the 2003 Gathering of the Juggalos in Garrettsville, Ohio, and went on to tour nationwide with Twiztid on both legs for their "Green Book Tour." A little taste of new Anybody Killa material was released in the form of "Warrior," and "Stayin' Alive," on "Psychopathics From Outer Space Part Two." The hatchet warrior also joined the rest of the black preists of the Dark Carnival on Dark Lotus' second album "Black Rain."

Following the release of Black Rain the supergroup toured the entire country to promote the great new album. That was the last to be heard from the hatchet until the fifth annual Gathering of the Juggalos where ABK's album "Dirty History" was accidentally released about two weeks previous to the July 27th date it was scheduled to be in stores at. The album featured production from Mike P and Fritz The Cat as well as appearances from ICP, Syn, Colton Grundy, Twiztid, and even long time homie Lavel. Also announced at this years Gathering was the fact that ABK will open ICP's upcoming The Wraith: Hell's Pit Tour for Mushroomhead, Mack 10, and the wicked clowns themselves.


real name:Chris Rouleau
Psychopathic name:Blaze Ya Dead Homie
nicknames:Big Chris, Big Blaze, Cell Block, Psycho C, Dead Homie, Chris, Sandman, Big C
Dead bodies have always been a big part of the label that runs beneath the streets. Several songs by members of the label have dealt with dead bodies, the first ever Juggalo Championshit Wrestling World Champion was a dead body, but perhaps the most infamous dead body in juggalo history is none other than gangster rapper returned from the grave, Blaze Ya Dead Homie. Of course long before he was Juggalo's worldwide dead homie he was Chris. And like many others on Psychopathic he made his start in the underground music scene of Detroit. His first rap project was called 2 Krazy Devils where he was known as Psycho C and he rapped alongside Krazie, later known Skrapz who would go onto local fame in the group Halfbreed along with former House Of Krazees member Sol, or The ROC. The group didn't go far at all, and they became known as The Sleepwalkaz soon after, but again they gained little to no attention in the local scene, unlike their friends in the House Of Krazees who were gaining more and more local fame day by day. Two members of HOK, Hektik and Mr. Bonez began working on a side project with Psycho C. called Infamous Superstars Incorporated, or ISI. ISI never released an album, but most of the material recorded by ISI was featured on Twiztid's early releases on Psychopathic Records.

Then, what would be a tragedy for the House Of Krazees was a blessing in disguise for the two rappers formally known as the 2 Krazy Devils. Creative differences between The ROC and his two partners Hektik and Mr. Bonez brought an end to the House Of Krazees. The ROC became known as Sol and began working with Skrapz, and would eventually make a name for Skrapz locally. The Insane Clown Posse immedietly signed Hektik and Bonez to their independent label Psychopathic Records and gave them the name Twiztid. Hektik became known as The Monoxide Child and Bonez was Jamie Madrox. The two began touring nationwide and were a big part of the label that runs beneath the streets, but they stayed true to their roots and kept in contact with their friend Chris as much as possible.

Twiztid suggested repeatedly that ICP look into signing Chris. After much convincing from Twiztid ICP decided to hear Chris out, and were impressed. This began Chris' transformation into the dead body thug Blaze Ya Dead Homie. Supposedly Blaze was shot in Detroit after a concert in the 1980's. After eleven long years in the grave Blaze was brought back to the earth by the members of Dark Lotus. But all that was for sure was that Blaze was going to be given a chance with Psychopathic Records. Blaze debuted on Twiztid's debut Psychopathic release "Mostasteless" on the song "Hound Dogs." Juggalos had no clue who the new rapper was, but many liked his style. He was also featured on the debut album from the underground gangster rap group the Psychopathic Rydas. The album was called "Dumpin" and featured Violent J rapping under the name Bullet, Shaggy as Full Cip, Jamie Madrox as Lil' Shank, Monoxide as Foe Foe, Myzery as Twin Gats, and lastly Blaze as Cell Block. The next that was heard from Blaze was a song by him on Twiztid's greatest hits/rare song album "Cryptic Collection Volume 1." The song was called "Put It Down" and would be featured on Blaze's debut EP on Psychopathic.

That debut EP was nothing short of a flop. Psychopathic Records did very little to promote Blaze's first release and very few juggalos even knew it was being released. The album featured Twiztid's Jamie Madrox on several tracks, as well as the track "Shittalkaz" featuring both ICP and Twiztid. Many juggalos loved the album, and it has since became a juggalo classic, but at the time very few had heard it. Shortly after the release Blaze opened for Twiztid's Rock The Dead Tour and won over more fans. However Psychopathic President Alex Abbiss decided Blaze's opportunity with Psychopathic Records had passed, and he hadn't taken advantage of it. Shortly after though, Psychopathic had second thoughts, and it was decided not only that Blaze would return to the label, but that he would also be the newest member of Psychopathic supergroup Dark Lotus!

Blaze went on to appear on several songs on Twiztid's "Freekshow" album on the songs "Maniac Killa" and "Where Itz Goin Down." Blaze went on to open several tour dates on Twiztid's Freekshow Tour and then opened the entire second leg of ICP's Bizzar Bizaar Tour. After that Marz was announced as the sixth and final member of Dark Lotus, and it was time for them to finish recording the album "Tales From The Lotus Pod." The releases of the Psychopathic Rydas second album "Ryden Dirtay" and Lotus' "Tales From The Lotus Pod" was a huge turning point for Blaze. Juggalos were impressed by Blaze's raps on the two albums and he became a juggalo favorite almost overnight. Much like Twiztid did for him, Blaze insisted ICP look into signing Detroit rapper Jaymo, also known as The Native Funk. ICP agreed to bring in the rapper as a hype man for Blaze, but they did not agree to sign him as of yet.

All of Blaze's live performances featured Anybody Killa on stage alongside Blaze. Juggalos loved ABK's stage presence and insisted he be added to the label, but Psychopathic were yet to be persuaded. It was shortly afterwards when Anybody Killa joined Blaze on several songs on Blaze's first FULL LENGTH album "One Less G In The Hood" that Psychopathic couldn't deny Anybody Killa's talent. Juggalos enjoyed Anybody Killa's rhymes as well as Blaze's and he was signed to Psychopathic as well. Blaze was joined on stage by Anybody Killa for the huge Hatchet Rizing Tour which featured the entire Psychopathic family all on one stage. During this tour "One Less G In The Hood" was released and was a huge success. It was official, Blaze was a hit. Blaze soon after went on his website and posted a one song EP entitled "Foo Dang!" which featured Anybody Killa. Juggalos loved it! Blaze and ABK also collaborated on Hallowicked single "Children Of The Wasteland."

Blaze and Anybody Killa both joined Twiztid and new Psychopathic project Zug Izland on the Mirror Mirror Tour. Blaze was also featured on the actual "Mirror Mirror" album on the song "4 Thoze Of U." When Anybody Killa hit the studio to record his debut Psychopathic release "Hatchet Warrior" Blaze joined him and was featured on the songs "Foo Dang ," "Tools," and "While You Were Sleeping." Once again, the Hallowicked tradition was continued. Blaze released the free Hallowicked single a cover of wicked clown classic "Dead Body Man 2002." Blaze was also featured on ICP's historic sixth jokers card "The Wraith: Shangri La" on the song "Bitch Slappaz." Blaze then toured breifly along with Esham opening for Bone Thugs N Harmony on the Take Me Home Tour. It was awhile after this that Blaze made an announcement that rocked the juggalo world to it's core.

Blaze went on Twiztid's website and announced that he would be taking an extended leave of absence from the rap industry and that his future with Psychopathic and in music in general was unsure. Blaze had recorded the majority of his upcoming album "Colton Grundy The Undying" but had chose not to release it. He had recorded a song for Twiztid's album "The Green Book" called "Frankenstein" and many thought that would be the last we would hear of Blaze. He said that the 2003 Gathering of the Juggalos would be his last performance. The Gathering came and went, and Blaze performed. He denied any rumors that he was retiring, just taking a break. After the Gathering nothing was heard from the dead gangster, until the season of the pumpkin. In the Fall of 2003, several months after the Gathering it was announced that Blaze would be on stage performing with Twiztid at their first ever Halloween event called "Fright Fest." Blaze was also featured on the EP given to everyone who attended the show along with Twiztid, Anybody Killa, The ROC, and JD The Weedman. This began the speculation of Blaze's return. Then to fuel the rumors even more Blaze released two songs from his Colton Grundy album on "Psychopathics From Outer Space Part Two." The songs were called "10 Bodies" and "Bitch Shut Up" which featured Esham the Boogieman. Blaze also appeared alongside the entire Psychopathic Records lineup on the song "Free Studio" and the Dark Lotus track "Graverobbers."

Shortly after the release of "Psychopathics From Outer Space Part Two" Blaze went on Twiztid's website and announced that he will be returning to the rap game and releasing his album "Colton Grundy Tha Undying." Blaze also appeared on the Dark Lotus release Black Rain and toured with the rest of the group in support of the album. A single called "Mama I Ain't Changed" was sent out earlier in 2004. "Colton Grundy: Tha Undying" was released in October of 2004, and became an instant Juggalo classic!

Dark Lotus

Members:Violent J,Shaggy 2 Dope,Blaze,Monxide,Jamie Madrox

The story of Dark Lotus begins back in 1999. Shortly after Twiztid signed with Psychopathic Records word started spreading about something called Dark Lotus. Juggalos were incredibly curious as to what Dark Lotus would be. Soon they were told that it was the wickedest, most ruthless, and vile music Psychopathic has ever brought to the juggalos. And the lineup was announced to be Twiztid's Jamie Madrox and The Monoxide Child, and of course Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope, the Insane Clown Posse. The debut release was said to be called "Tales From The Lotus Pod" and would be released soon.

On ICP's fifth jokers card "The Amazing Jeckel Brothers" track sixteen was "Echoside" and was the very first juggalos would hear of Dark Lotus. Singles were pressed for "Echoside" and distributed throughout Detroit. It was then announced that Dark Lotus would have six petals, or members. Blaze Ya Dead Homie was announced as the fifth petal of the Lotus. However due to unforseen circumstances Blaze was released from Psychopathic. Esham the Unholy was said to be Blaze's replacement in Dark Lotus. However things fell through and Esham would no longer be a part of Lotus. During this time Blaze returned to Psychopathic Records and the Lotus lineup was a very confusing at the time. A song called "I Don't Care" was released as a Lotus track and it featured Twiztid and ICP.

On Twiztid's album "Freekshow" the track "Maniac Killa" was dubbed a Dark Lotus song and featured Vampiro, which led to speculation that he would join ICP, Twiztid, and Blaze as the sixth petal of the lotus pod. But then on Twiztid's "Cryptic Collection Volume 2" Anybody Killa would appear on Dark Lotus track "Drunken Ninja Master." This fueled even more speculation. However the actual sixth member took the entire juggalo world by surprise when it was announced.

ICP was on the second leg of the Bizzar Bizaar Tour when they found the perfect sixth petal. A young rapper had impressed ICP while opening for them. The rappers name was Marz and Violent J. saw serious potential in him. He asked Marz about joining the Psychopathic supergroup and naturally Marz agreed. Marz was then promoted on Psychopathic's 2001 Sampler. They six members were finally announced and they hit the studio to record "Tales From The Lotus Pod" with tracks produced by Mike P, Mike E. Clark, and Twiztid. The album was released at the 2001 Gathering of the Juggalos and was an immediate hit with the juggalos. Dark Lotus also performed for the very first time at the event. However after the Gathering things became very dramatic.

It was announced shortly after the Gathering that Marz and Psychopathic Records had a falling out and he was no longer a member of Dark Lotus. ICP denied any beef with Marz and said they were just not working with him any longer. Marz evidently took offense and made a diss song entitled "The Real Dark Lotus" to which ICP did not reply. Dark Lotus as a five piece group headlined Psychopathic's "Hatchet Rizing Tour" and juggalos nationwide had the opportunity to see the magic of the Lotus. During the tour it was announced that Anybody Killa would be the sixth petal of the lotus pod and that they would release "Tales From The Lotus Pod: Revisited" at the Gathering. The album had Violent J taking slight jab at Marz saying "Hey yo Marz, you never was Lotus and you know this, BITCH!" in the song "Bitch I'm Sexy." The revised album featured Anybody Killa rapping over Marz lyrics, and juggalos are still divided as to which version of the group they liked more.

At the 2003 Gathering of the Juggalos Dark Lotus performed again and it was announced that a new Dark Lotus album would be released in 2004 before ICP's "Hell's Pit" album. Although Blaze was featured on the Dark Lotus song "Graverobbers" from "Psychopathics From Outer Space Part Two." Shortly after the release of "Graverobbers" rumors spread across the Internet that Twiztid had chose not to take part in the Dark Lotus album, and that they were to leave Psychopathic Records. Amongst all the chaos and rumors Psychopathic revealed at midnight one night that the new Lotus album will in fact be released in April of 2004 featuring ICP, Anybody Killa, Jamie Madrox, Blaze Ya Dead Homie, and the Monoxide Child once again on one album and one tour.

The project was called Black Rain and was a great followup to the original Lotus album. It did not disappoint, especially with the wicked ruthless lyrics ICP had made a name for themselves with giving us just a hint as to what Hell's Pit had in store for us. Dark Lotus performed live on stage nightly on a nationwide tour, but various illnesses in the group made it impossible to finish the scheduled dates. Lotus hit the stage once again at the 2004 Gathering of the Juggalos and did not disappoint. They rocked the huge crowd to it's core and left them screaming, LOOOOOTUS!